The Nut Game Rules

Nut Game

Rules adapted from Spoons by the Weguelin/Yearley families

Hint - Walnuts are best because - they roll


The card game known as The Nut Game also goes by a variety of other names as well, but the fundamental rules are the same – be fast and be sneaky!


Object of Playing the Nut Game

The object of playing Nuts is to get four of a kind. The trick to winning the game of Nuts is to grab a nut as soon as you have 4 of the same card types ie 4 X kings etc. Only a player with four of a kind can act, and then everyone else must make a mad dash to claim a nut of their own. Remember that there is one less nut than the number of players, which means the person without a nut, loses and is out of the game. The winning hand is removed from the game and the game continues.


How to Play The Nut Game

To begin a game of Nuts requires a traditional deck of 52 cards and the same number of walnuts as players, minus one. For example, if there are five players, then there must be only four walnuts.

The game pack must only contain cards equal to the number of players - 

ie 6 players might have the following : 4 X aces, 4 X kings, 4 X queens, 4 X jacks, 4 X 10’s, 4 X 9’s.  All other cards are removed. You may have to use 2 packs if there are more than 13 players .

The dealer lays out the nuts in the centre of the table so that they can be easily reached by all of the players. Next the dealer shuffles the cards and gives four cards to each of the players. The dealer has to act as a “caller” and is required to call out “and pass” at a regular fairly fast rhythm, whereupon each person is required to pass on one surplus card to the person on the left who is obliged to pick up this card whilst simultaneously passing on his/her own card to the left and so on.


Tips for Playing the Nut Game

Play fast and furious, have lots to drink, give no quarter, and keep screaming !!!


Have a good Christmas…enjoy






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