Song Tracks 1

A story about the circular nature of relationships in the wider context of the universe referencing Steven Hawkins Singularity. Korg i4s, Cubase Halion Symphony Orchestra

A story about the injustices of middle management and the adverse effect upon individuals harnessed to a system. Korg I4s

A story about typical misunderstandings that occur in relationships leading to break ups. Korg I4s featuring the stylophone.

Cynical but light hearted look at the deterioration of the English language through the vehicle of a popular soap, inspired by watching the Blockheads. Sampled sounds + small extracts taken from a typical Episode of BBC 1 Eastenders 2012 for purposes of research and critique. Korg I4s, Lap Steel.

Inspired to write this in response to news footage of the extraordinary efforts of revolutionary groups during the "Arab Spring" striving for a thing called Democracy and Peace. Korg I4s and sampled sounds.

A heart felt love song in celebration of 25 years of marriage. Korg I4s.

© 2012 by DY


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