Choose from the artwork below. All prices include VAT and delivery to the UK.

All artwork shown are prints from a limited edition of 20, onto 170gsm photopaper within card mounts supplied in grey gloss frames. Place your order via the Contact page on this web site and pay using Paypal. Delivery 2-3 weeks from placement of orders and receipt of payment.


MONTAGE Collection



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© 2012 by DY

Montage                   £85   

Canvas  Size 500mm X 500mm

Urban                        £85   

Canvas  Size 500mm X 500mm

Inside Outside         £80   

Frame Size 500mm X 500mm

Schism                       £80  

Frame Size 520mm X 520mm

Seascape 1                                            £95  

Frame Size 720mm X 520mm

Seascape 1                                            £95  

Frame  Size 720mm X 520mm

Landscape 1                               £70 

Frame Size 520mm X 420mm

Landscape 2                              £70 

Frame Size 520mm X 420mm

Landscape 3                              £70 

FRame Size 520mm X 420mm

Landscape 4                             £70 

Frame  Size 520mm X 420mm

Section 1                                     £70 

Frame Size 520mm X 420mm

Section 2                                     £70 

Frame Size 520mm X 420mm

The artwork includes a range of artistic styles and comprises both photographic and digitally derived media on canvas and mounted in frames, in a "Montage". The photographic studies were taken using a hand held digital camera at dusk in a "light garden" in Paris. All other artwork was created using an ipad and various sketching "apps". Manipulation of DTP software and the printing process was also an important part of the work's final design appearance. The element of chance in the form of  "extemporisation" is an essential element in both David's artistic and musical work. 


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