Meant to be the intro/outro music for a serious current affairs tv interview programme. Korg i4s + Zoom MRS 1608 using built in drums and miked up acoustic guitar and flute.

This was recorded on My Zoom MRS 1608 recorder using built in drums  and  featuring flute, Korg i4s, Guitar + Zoom effects

As the film credits roll, the central theme plays out ..... Korg i4s, Zoom MRS 1608 recorder.

Loosely based upon Vaughan Williams "Lark Ascending" I wrote this in memory of my Mum and Dad, using the Cubase Halion Symphony plug in and Groove Agent 3.

A "Cuckoo" act is as terrifying in nature as in personal relationships or in domestic situations. I tried to capture the aggression and violation of this act on this track..the guitar symbolising the aggressor. Korg i4S and extracts taken from a BBC Radio broadcast 2011.

I wrote this after a holiday visit to Hope Cove. Keyboards - Korg i4s, X50 and Cubase Hallion Symphony Orchestra. Guitar + effects pedal, sampled sounds.

Instrumental Tracks 1

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