Video - Hymn

Original Hymn by David Yearley

I have tried to compose a memorable Hymn for all those killed in the futility of wars throughout the ages and to this day continue to be needlessly seemed particularly appropriate to publish this in time to honour those who were killed in World War 1 and to include extracts from the wonderful words by John McCrae and Laurence Binyon....also this is in response to horrific accounts by my Grandfather of his experiences in the landing of the Dardanelles in the Gallipoli campaign, and as a result of a very moving recent visit to St Symphorien Military Cemetery in Mons Belgium....which has influenced the choice of video footage selected.


In the arrangement, I have included many of the sounds of Military ceremony and action under fire - regimental bugle calls, drum beat signals, bagpipes etc which occur throughout. It was necessary to find a "fit" between the archive sounds and the Hymn, dictating the key for the Hymn and also its speed.

I recommend listening to the soundtrack on good headphones whilst watching the video footage, and you will pick out the integration of the sounds.

© 2012 by DY


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