A song about a heartfelt attempt to confirm a relationship on the telephone. Korg i4S & Korg X50 

A song about the affirmation of an approach to living. Korg i4S  & Korg X50

This was recorded on My Zoom MRS 1608 recorder using built in drums  and  featuring flute, Korg i4s, Guitar + Zoom effects

A song about a tenuous and ending relationship. Korg i4S & Korg X50

A song about the agony of marriage break up experienced first hand. Korg i4S  & Korg X50 with thanks to BBC archives for short extracts included to create added narrative.

Loosely based upon Vaughan Williams "Lark Ascending" I wrote this in memory of my Mum and Dad, using the Cubase Halion Symphony plug in and Groove Agent 3.

© 2012 by DY


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