"My interest in music started at the age of 6 when my dad, a great boogie woogie pianist, bought me a ukelele. From that moment I was hooked. I found it fairly easy to play most instruments, but concentrated on playing the flute in the Bath Youth Orchestra. I later rejected the rigidity of the classical discipline in favour of the freedom of expression found in rock and blues. Recently I have returned to more structured  musical composition, ​enjoying the discipline of song creation.
My influences have been diverse, ranging from Vaughan Williams to Steeley Dan, from MJQ to the Beatles.
The work presented on this site includes instrumental pieces, experimental sketches, songs of various kinds, and emerging stuff carried out in the process of research and a music hobby interest...enjoy."
"My interest in art was influenced by my mum who was a prolific artist constantly creating works in a diverse range of mediums. Later in life she had several local exhibitions of her work. As an architect and musician I am interested in figurative abstract composition. The Montage collection is an example of this stylistic approach...enjoy."


David Yearley is an Architect, Musician and Artist , has played in several bands and has had a solo exhibition of his artwork. Pictured behind at the age of 24 in a Band called Aubrey Small in 1970, and left at the age of 66 designing music for unit 310. 

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